Tomorrow 2019 Challenge – Started!

A new and exciting challenge is about to begin! Tomorrow is back for the 3rd time and looking for their next star. The best submission will be awarded 1000 Euro cash prize and a well-paid full-time position at Tomorrow with benefits such as social welfare, exercise bonus, field-trips and most of all become a proud Tomorrow team member.

You are invited to participate in Tomorrow’s recruitment process for 2019.

Big thanks to Peter Guthrie for providing his amazing set of photos taken for this building!

Your Mission

Your assignment is to create an absolutely stunning representation of Gunnar Asplund’s Library in the center of Stockholm. This year the Tomorrow challenge will be a bit more extensive than previous challenges.

The challenge should result in a set of 3 images where you are in charge of directing light, shading, composition, design, and story after your own liking.

The delivery should consist of :

  1. Exterior image.
  2. Interior image.
  3. An image of your liking.

We are looking for artists with technical problem-solving skills combined with a strong artistic sense. The images should be natural and realistic rather than over-styled.

This time, a model of the building and surrounding area will be provided for you. Get it here! (3dsMax 2015 file).

The competition will be judged upon creativity, working process, and the final result.

Photo by Peter Guthrie

Schedule & Deliverables

Competition starts December 14th, 2018 and ends January 25th, 2019. Winner to be announced on February 22nd25th, 2019!

You are expected to post updates on the Tomorrow 2018 Challenge Section that will go live on the blog by Friday, December 14th, 2017.

The final works are to be submitted, alongside the milestone updates on the blog, like a regular job application once complete with a 6-page PDF in A4 Landscape Format :

  • page 1-3 : Final images.
  • page 4 : Show your work in progress, sketches, palette, work in progress.
  • page 5 : Show your references: mood, light, composition, props, etc.
  • page 6 : Explain your working progress in words. Step by step, what the storyline, how did you break down the process, what difficulties did you have, what would you have done differently if you could redo the assignment


Ronen & Tomorrow 😉

As you wait for the start date,

Please JOIN NOW by starting to upload your progress!

and read the Interview with Nazarii, the winner of the Tomorrow 2017 Challenge!


Here is an example for the 6 paged PDF :

ArchVIZ BIZ, Competitions

65 thoughts on “Tomorrow 2019 Challenge – Started!

  1. Baldor on Reply

    Hey Ronen and Tomorrow, i wanted to ask you about the process posts, is it necessary/an obligation to post them? or is it like last year where the winner never posted anything at all? Remember all the people that posted their process and all the hard work they put into it to meet all the requirements. But it didnt matter, is this year going to matter ?

      1. Baldor on Reply

        Thank you Ronen! I mention this @Andreas Landgren because last year’s winner never posted Any update of his process or final image on this forum, so we are all hoping that this year will be fair.

        I mention all this because Tomorrow AB and Ronen Bekerman lost a lot of credibility when it came to handle a type of contest like this, where there is an auditor who should be enforcing the rules, I imagine what the value that an office like this must pay to a forum that organizes a contest, precisely to enforce the rules! This goes hand in hand with a long delay in the selection of the finalists, and even more of the winner, not to mention that things get worse when Tomorrow is not officially pronounced before the irregularities in the selection process where evidently the fact that a contestant who did not meet all the requirements is the winner. This leads us to think that there are inconsistencies and strange situations when a winner is chosen.

        The questions would be:
        Is it worth setting up a contest like this where many people hope and invest their time to reach a job and that in the end the basic rules of the game are overlooked?
        Why is it that in the end there is never a pronunciation in which these situations will be released, don’t the contestants deserve the slightest respect?
        After all this, how do you want to win back the trust of the people who want to participate, I’m not talking about the people who do it as a hobby, I’m talking about the people who are interested in you in your business of “3D artists”?

  2. Gary on Reply

    I don’t quite understand the contest. Part of the prize is a full time position with them. Does that mean that only people who live near their studio or people willing to relocate are eligible for the contest?

    1. Ronen Bekerman on Reply

      This is a visualization challenge! The most thing is what you do with the tool… not the tool. I will let Tomorrow add their take on this, but this challenge is open for all and FBX + OBJ files are provided so that anyone using and 3d app can make use of these.

  3. Maaz Sultan on Reply

    Hi Ronen, i am a huge fan of your visualizations and this is going to be my first time ever participating in a contest for visuals. Dont have much experience or sense compared to most of the participants but eager to learn by taking part. Thankyou for this oppurtunity.

  4. Alvaro on Reply

    Hi Ronen,

    This contest looks very promising!

    I just wanted to ask a quick question in regards to any site pictures available. Is this something that we could download from a package or should we use our own resources? – I might have missed those on the post, but it would be great and very helpful if you could please confirm this and/or provide a link (if there is any!).

    Many thanks!

    1. Ronen Bekerman on Reply

      Hi Alvaro,

      I would say that this is part of the challenge as well. You can use any information you find online or have personally.

      Start with the archdaily link provided in the post and there are also images in the challenge milestone gallery by Peter Guthrie that I’ve added to test the upload system.

  5. Ale on Reply

    Hi Ronen, I have just a few questions…
    We got the 3dsmax base file, but should we create some new things or enhance the building with some new design ideas in exterior and interiors? Or change finishes, lightings…
    The focus is just about shadding, lighting, mood and etc? I’m bit confused…

    1. Ronen Bekerman on Reply

      Here you go :

      “Your assignment is to create an absolutely stunning representation of Gunnar Asplund’s Library in the center of Stockholm. We are looking for artists with technical problem-solving skills combined with a strong artistic sense. The images should be natural and realistic rather than over-styled.”

    1. Ronen Bekerman on Reply

      You can’t submit just the final PDF without sharing your process. The concept is your initial idea for the visuals, let’s keep this open. Work process updates should be about modeling, texturing, lighting, landscaping, etc. and Final – well, this is your grand finale. The PDF and all else you like to say.

      1. 158733837 on Reply

        Hi Ronan,
        The concept is just text to illustrate? Do you need to match images and files?
        Can I see the concept of other people? And where can I see it?
        Project Featured Image refers to the picture of this competition?
        Does Additional Project Images refer to the reference picture?

  6. Joel Hutton on Reply

    Hey Ronen and Tomorrow, I’m really excited to be a part of this competition. I just have a quick question- can you elaborate on this part of the challenge please?

    “The images should be natural and realistic rather than over-styled.”

    Thank you! This will be helpful in my planning process

    1. TMRW on Reply

      Hi Joel, hope you have enjoyed the holidays. Sorry for the late reply, we have all been enjoying ours 😉

      As the main price is employment at our company, you should be able to match our style of images. They are more to the “natural and realistic” side than the “over-styled”. So check the work we do on our homepage and it should give you a good idea.

    1. TMRW on Reply

      Hi Hadasa

      No, you don’t need to have a work permit to participate or win.

      We will help the winner with the correct work permit.

      Best of luck in the competition!

  7. Piotr on Reply

    Hi Ronen,

    Just wanted to clarify. Are there any requirements/preferences regarding viewpoints? In the rules you’ve only mentioned: “exterior image”, “interior image”.


  8. TMRW on Reply

    Hi Piotr

    None at all. I can only refer you to our website for an overall idea on style. Viewpoints are all up to you! Extra points for really good compositions 😉

    Best of luck.

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  10. Nate on Reply

    Hey Ronen,
    I have a quick question about the PDF format. It says the PDF should be in A4 landscape, what if we have a vertical image? Should we still present that landscape? I feel like a lot of subtlety would be lost in sizing a rendering down like that. Thanks!

  11. Dan on Reply

    Hey Ronen,

    I write you because I would like to know about how can I upload the final PDF. Could you please give me the instructions for uploading it.


      1. Dan on Reply

        Thanks Ronen, is this year different from last year? I don’t have to apply for the job?
        also, is there a limit for the PDF size is terms of MB?

    1. TMRW on Reply

      Hi iGoin

      Friday the 25th is the last day you have to work on this project and upload it before end of the day ie 23.59 Friday Central European Time.

  12. Nate on Reply

    Hey Ronen, I’ve submitted my PDF and images via the milestone update, do I also need to fill out and submit a resume and PDF via the Job Blog as well? Thanks!

  13. Ahmed on Reply

    I was about to upload my work at this precise moment when the page tells me that the time has ended, I loooooooked out for EUROPEAN CENTRAL TIME and it its currently 11:08…so…I still have time…what is happening? this is the most unfair thing ever.

  14. Mohamed on Reply

    hey ronen and tomorrow..,. i was wondering if i still have a chance of winning even if i only posted my final images and not my process on the forum ?

    1. Ronen Bekerman on Reply

      Hi Denis… Results going live tomorrow, Monday the 25th (it was updated and announced on January 28th via social media, but I did not change the final date here… sorry about that).

  15. Ronen Bekerman on Reply


    The Tomorrow 2019 Challenge comes to a conclusion today with the announcement of the Winner.

    Tomorrow would like to thank all of the incredible artists that contributed to our amazing images. We were extremely impressed to see all the hard work, the talent, and dedication that you put into this Challenge.

    Challenge Winner:

    Nicolo Paolino

    Tomorrow is proud to announce Nicolo Paolino as the winner of The Tomorrow Challenge 2019.
    With his set of images, he made a great interpretation of Asplund’s Stockholm City Library.
    His work shows a talent for working with references, eye for details and mood & lightning.

    Thank you to everyone that participated in this Challenge!

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