Tomorrow 2018 Challenge – Top Three Picked!

A new and exciting challenge is about to begin! Tomorrow is back once more and looking for the next star for their Stockholm office, and we decided to do one more challenge here. The best submission will be awarded 2000 Euro cash prize and a well-paid full-time position at Tomorrow with benefits such as social welfare, exercise bonus, field-trips and most of all become a proud Tomorrow team member.

You are invited to participate in Tomorrow’s recruitment process for 2018. By now (FEB 23 2018) Tomorrow has reviewed all your entries and is in the process of selecting the winner. Many of you asked me when will the news be made public. We did mention it will take at least a month given the number of entries and it did take a month to get to the top 5. Tomorrow updated me that they will take 1-2 more weeks to make the final decision about the ONE.

Your Mission

Your assignment is to create an absolutely stunning interpretation of Tham & Videgård´s School of Architecture at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Photos by Åke E:son Lindman.

Arkitekturskolan, Tham Videgård

The exterior image should be shown from eye-level. You are in charge of directing light, shading, composition, design, and story after your own liking. We are looking for artists with
technical problem-solving skills combined with a strong artistic sense. The image should be natural and realistic rather than over-stylized.

This time, a model of the building and surrounding area will be provided for you. To be available starting Wednesday, December 20th, 2017.


We will judge upon creativity, working process, and the final result.

Deadline & Deliverables

Competition starts December 20th, 2017 and ends January 20th, 2018.

You are expected to post updates on the Tomorrow 2018 Challenge Section that will go live on the blog by Wednesday, December 20th, 2017.

The final submission of your entry is to be done by applying to the Tomorrow Job on the board – Here. Update your resume as needed and attach your entry in PDF format as described below!

Please keep to that policy when you write text inside your entries and comment on the updates.

The final works is to be submitted, alongside the milestone updates on the blog, as a regular job application once complete with a 4-page PDF in A4 Landscape Format :

  • page 1 : Final image.
  • page 2 : Your work process, sketches, palette, work in progress.
  • page 3 : Your references for mood, light, composition, props, etc.
  • page 4 : Explain your working progress in words. Step by step, what’s the storyline, how did you break down the process, what difficulties did you have, what would you have done different if you could redo the assignment.


Ronen & Tomorrow 😉


Here is an example for the 4 paged PDF :


ArchVIZ BIZ, Competitions

161 thoughts on “Tomorrow 2018 Challenge – Top Three Picked!

    1. evertferreira on Reply

      Hi, I’m working on this contest and I would like to know what time I can send the final image. I’m in Costa Rica and I have no idea about the timezone. Thanks!

  1. Thomas Zaar on Reply

    You forgot to credit the photographer Åke E:son Lindman 🙂
    And I think you mean “benefits” by social welfare?

  2. ad07 on Reply

    Hello Ronen, thanks for the work you do for the community,
    can we change the forme or shape of the building (or some of it), openings, entrances, the stairs, or we have to keep it like it is. ??

    1. TMRW on Reply

      Feel free to be creative. As we wrote in the introduction: We will judge upon creativity, working process, and the final result.

    1. Ronen Bekerman on Reply

      It is a personal challenge with the intent of placing the winner as a new employee at Tomorrow. That said – if you are not after that, and want to participate in the technical and artistic challenge aspects – then feel free to join in and mention that fact.

  3. Denis Rakaric on Reply

    I would also like to participate, if not apply for the job. if there’s a chance for remote work, though, I would be on board with that. are there any software limitations, like max/vray only and such?

  4. Alessandro on Reply

    Hi Ronen!
    Should we think about it like a temporary installation or something more permament?
    Or do we have free hand at all? 🙂

  5. Chris on Reply

    I would really like to participate. What file type will the 3D model be? I am currently working with Sketchup 2014, and would like to make sure I am able to download the provided model.

  6. Paulius Dascioras on Reply

    Im in.
    Few questions are:

    Do we get to choose the exterior finish of the building? or do we have to stick to this corroded metal facade?

    Can we add new elements to the site itself? like benches and stuff?

    Best wishes,

    1. TMRW on Reply

      You can change and and add stuff as much as you want. This 3d file that will be live from the 20th shall just be used as a base.

  7. Mile Eror on Reply

    hello. I am excited to join the competition. At this point, as I am new around, I would like to ask,
    are we allowed to change the materials from the original building? Meaning that we can keep the shape of building but have it in completely new light, sort to speak? Using for example wood and metal? Or do we have to keep it as original as it is?
    I know that surroundings can be changed, so I was just wondering if it is same with main building.

    Thanks in advance.

    br Mile

  8. sofia.kadar on Reply

    It is said that we “are expected to post updates on the Tomorrow 2018 Challenge Section that will go live on the blog by Wednesday, December 20th, 2017″ with a two links provided in. One of this links leads to challange submission, so should it be filled today or by the end of challange?
    And another one ” Tomorrow 2018 challange section ” leads to empty page or only I can’t see what is going on there? Thank you

  9. Khalmyr on Reply

    Why you do not like SketchUp. Not in the files here have a skp version or in the job offers have a SketchUp filters. I know you will say that you can import models from .obj or .fbx files into sketchup, but the way the files are imported take hours just to make it useable.

      1. Khalmyr on Reply

        Ty. I`m was not trying to be rude in anyways, just to makeclear. lol It`s that as an architect sketchup is a really powerfull tool due to it`s fast response. But, ty for listening my request.

  10. Archimow on Reply

    Hi Ronen,

    just the documentation has to be A4 landscape -right`? Since for now, in this narrow street situation, i’d clearly choose an upright format for my visualization.


    1. Ronen Bekerman on Reply

      The brief is short and simple – “The exterior image should be shown from eye-level. You are in charge of directing light, shading, composition, design, and story after your own liking. We are looking for artists with
      technical problem-solving skills combined with a strong artistic sense. The image should be natural and realistic rather than over-styliz”

      And pretty open too 🙂

  11. Sajeel Ahmed on Reply

    hey Ronen,

    I want to ask something ….!! we need to use same materials or we can change textures for building ….?

    thank you

  12. mohammed bekhit on Reply

    in front of the building there is an oppening in the ground , and there are some spaces in the basement , can I know what are these spaces ? , thanks

  13. alex on Reply

    hello, I’m trying to register for the competition, but the form returns an error “The password must have a minimum strength of Medium”. I have already tried a bunch of different in my opinion strong passwords that work just fine elsewhere.
    Is that an error or am I doing something wrong?

    1. Alexandre on Reply

      No it’s not. If you try to import from .obj, the file will have a lot of errors. If you have SimLab plugging you can try import from the .fbx file, it’s a lot better but with all triangular faces and not connected faces. All of these methods will let you have a sketchup file, but a model with a lot of problems. Ronen said he will post a .skp file later this week.

  14. Mustafa Husaimy on Reply

    WHAAAT?! when did it start?! i was checking the site since 19th December and only toay when i was like, Ronen promised the competition would start in 2 days, i checked google and searched the challenge. then i saw it. it was in the jobs are! why like this and why is it not displayed in the main home page. i am now sad i am starting late.

    1. Ronen Bekerman on Reply

      Hey… don’t worry. This started on the 20th so you are pretty much at the start. Where were you?! I did post about this all over – email, social media and the blog and job board 😉

      Good Luck 😉

    1. Ronen Bekerman on Reply

      A short text goes a long way helping to understand your goal!

      The final entry will be done as a submission for a job process here on the board. I will send an update once that is open to submitting

  15. raqresende on Reply

    Hey Ronen,
    I can read the name of everyone who posted on the submission page instead of the participant number (when I go check inside each post) -. is it ok? Is the challange that open this time?

  16. Federica on Reply

    Hello, Can we make a vertical view and then just rotate it in to the layout, or we’re required to make only landscape view?

  17. oksannapilipenko on Reply

    Hi Ronen!
    I don’t see where I can attach my PDF when I’m trying to apply for a job.
    I can’t attach PDF to the blog either.


    1. Ronen Bekerman on Reply

      PDF attachment is being done on your resume. Edit your current resume or make a new one – you can have multiple versions.

      Just edit the resume. Apply for the job picking the relevant resume from the drop list. That’s it!

    1. Ronen Bekerman on Reply

      For this challenge and job application – you need to submit the PDF as described, so add that PDF to your resume instead of what is there now. You can create a new resume version by the way – and use that for the application.

  18. Oleg on Reply

    Hello Ronen, I am not sure if I undersood time shedule correctly. There is a mention “Competition starts December 20th, 2017 and ends January 20th, 2018.” So all proposals should be submitted untill the end of this Saturday, or untill the end of this Friday?

  19. cristianotara on Reply

    Hi Ronen

    i can’t attach PDF when apply for a job and it’s seems to me impossible send update at the dedicated section, it ask always for a new sign in and a wrong password. is there something wrong? can you please explain how to do? thanks

    1. Ronen Bekerman on Reply

      The PDF attachment is to be done on your resume… edit it and replace the PDF you have there with the Challenge one. You can create a new Resume specifically for this submit… which is not a bad idea.

      1. cristianotara on Reply

        Thank u for the reply, just one question: i can’t sign in when i try on whit the account register on jobs.ronebekerman, i have to do 2 different registration? thanks

  20. ibrahim_alameer on Reply

    HI, I don’t know how add multiple images , i only got the option of adding featured image , any thing i missing ?

  21. mohsen hashemi on Reply

    hi Ronen, my final submission is ready but I cant login to my Ronen.job account, I forget my password and the reset password of the site doesn’t work

    can you please help me and tell me what to do?
    thank you

  22. eduardo.queiroz90 on Reply

    Hi Ronen, i’m trying to update my resume so that i can apply for the job, but on the portfolio section it says “jpg or png only”. The pdf file should be uploaded there anyway? what is the maximum file size of the pdf?
    Also, it seems that i’m logged on two different accounts here and in the challenge section, will this be a problem? Here i am logged as eduardo.queiroz90 and in the challenge section as EduardoQ, both with the same email, but the challenge account doesnt work here, what do i do?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Ronen Bekerman on Reply

      The Job Board is one Login, the main blog is Another. Keep that in mind, and sorry this is how it is. Unification of both logins will take more time.

      As for the issues you have here – use the contact bubble on the bottom right to reach me – I will help.

    1. Ronen Bekerman on Reply

      Hey… if you look at the comments and in the post you’ll see that the deadline is “Come midnight on Saturday, January 20th 23:59 GMT+1 / Sweden Time”

      Please check before you ask 🙂

      Goof Luck!

  23. Thomas on Reply

    Hey Ronen, just wanted to let you know that I’m getting “page not found 404” for the link where we’re supposed to post updates. Is anyone else getting this error?

  24. kseny on Reply

    Hi, we have same problem, page not found. Please could you fix it asap, so we can have opportunity to catch up with our updates 🙂

  25. tsm992 on Reply

    Alright Ronen, I’ll leave you alone after this one 😉
    When applying for the Job I got an error, but now the page says I’ve already applied.
    Can you confirm that my PDF did get sent through and everything is in order? Thanks! The username is tsm992

        1. Archantonk on Reply

          The same with me…I hope my PDF is alright. Is it possible to confirm? Also “page not found 404“`problem…

  26. tavo5391 on Reply

    hi Ronen,
    I can not upload my latest progress on the contest page, i see that the clock is still 12 hours away from the clock in Sweden .. you could help me with this quickly. Thank you!

  27. mohammed bekhit on Reply

    hi , there is a problem , I click ” post updates ” and it says ” page not found ”
    another question, I could not put the final pdf in the jobs , where could I upload it ?

  28. helionic on Reply

    Hi Ronen,

    I’m trying to upload my work but I received the message that “page not found 404“. Could you help with that please?

  29. ibrahim_alameer on Reply

    Hi Ronen,

    I get error in applying for tomorrow Job , says You already applied.
    it seems that i applied for the job before but my resume wasn’t including the competition work , is updating my resume will be update for Tomorrow Competition , or i should apply again

  30. coccia_federica on Reply

    Hello, I wonder if I applied correctly, could be not… as I firstly applied then I loaded my pdf only in a second time.

  31. kseny88 on Reply

    Hi Ronen,

    It is really not clear where to upload PDF. It was saying best works in jpeg or png, so I uploaded works not realted to competition, hoping that the upload field will follow after resume.

    So how to fix this? Where to upload PDF?

    1. Ronen Bekerman on Reply

      The PDF is to be uploaded in the “Resume File (optional)” field of your resume as you edit it on this job board.

      Those of you who applied already and not sure – just edit the resume you submitted and make sure the PDF is loaded to that field.

      Let me know if this is clear…


      Good Luck!!!

      1. coccia_federica on Reply

        Thanks Ronen, it’s clear, I checked my resume, and now it’s completed ….so now I keep my fingers crossed!!!

      2. vardan.serafimov on Reply

        It’s so confusing, I uploaded the PDF as a final entry in the entries section, but in the application where there was resume I uploaded only my resume in jpg format because I thought resume is needed also.

        1. vardan.serafimov on Reply

          I edited now even though is late. Uploaded 4 pages PDF in the Resume File (optional) instead of the resume file I had before.

  32. bardhyl.m on Reply

    Hi Ronen,

    I would like to know why cant I apply for the challenge, even though there’s still time until deadline.
    Is there a problem with the site or is it just me experiencing this.

    Thank you

  33. arribasalvaro on Reply

    Hi Ronen

    I made my application to tomorrow’s jonbut it gave me an error at the end, although I got the chat conversation with you, giving me the congratulations for applying the work. I do not appear in my job dashboard, how can I check that I applied well?

    I also presented my image on the blog.

    Thank you

  34. sofia.kadar on Reply

    Hi , I just wanted to clarify : are we able to post our final renders in any social media? or we shouldn’t until the winner will be chosen?
    thank you

  35. Ronen Bekerman on Reply

    Hi all, here is an update on the winner selection process : By now (FEB 23 2018) Tomorrow has reviewed all your entries and is in the process of selecting the winner. Many of you asked me when will the news be made public. We did mention it will take at least a month given the number of entries and it did take a month to get to the top 5. Tomorrow updated me that they will take 1-2 more weeks to make the final decision about the ONE.

  36. Don Tbelame on Reply

    Hey. Can you please show a bit respect for the efforts that people put on preparing that -totally unnecessary imho- concept posts, writing explanations about their work, trying to post as much as WIP posts while struggling to have their final image all through out this contest period?

    First of seems that the benefit of these posts were only for to keep blog alive, probably get more hits and more people to participate all throughout the contest period. Nothing more. Let’s check out the last year’s winner’s final image and his initial concept post. Even himself declared that on his way to his final submission he incidentally came across with an image on pinterest and changed his way into his final idea. I wonder what if he didn’t see that pinterest image… So it is obvious no one cared at all about the concept post or anything else for that guy… If you could choose a winner regardless of the concept why you again obligated people to spend much time for posting concepts, work in progress etc for no reason on this one again??

    Plus..Sorry but you did not mention anywhere that this selection process would take at least a month. This was not stated clearly among the competition rules.. Moreover instead of apologizing to people about this so long delayed announcement period what people see is an explanation with something like you “did” mention,bla bla bla.. yeah using extra “did” really convinces people..

    So the jury selection still goes on? Really? There is that “one” guy who was never contacted by you till now and still waiting to be selected after two months? Well.. that unannounced guy probably got employed in somewhere, changed country, got married, started to new life maybe? And you will come out after 2 months now and reward this totally unaware one of yours with Sweden after all? Maybe take up 1-2 months more? But then maybe you may have to offer a record salary ever paid in this business to get this guy from where s/he will be at the moment. funny..

    But for sure the reality should be different. Probably you are running a recruitment process out there for sometime, getting in touch with that 4-5 people, having job interviews with them, discussing salary expectations bla bla but still cant decide… And still the situation is shown as that you are in selection period. No words to say…

    Know what? You should have only posted a simple job ad and ask people to send portfolios and cvs, and have a recruitment process and that’s all.. There was no need to take people’s so much time and keep them without knowledge for that long.. At least people would not spend that much time.. People don’t deserve to wait that long without proper explanation.

    1. Ronen Bekerman on Reply

      Hi Don,

      Thank you for your comment here. I’m taking it all into account and will implement steps to assure a better process in future challenges such as this one.

      It is true it takes longer this time vs. the 2017 edition. The selection process schedule was based on it, but this time we got a lot more entries.

      I’ve spoken with the Tomorrow team during the weekend and I’m sure they make all the efforts to announce ASAP.

      Please understand that all the time they take during this process is out of respect for the efforts that all of you put into this.

      For the lack of updates and communicating the schedule for the selection, I’m taking full responsibility and I’m sorry for anyone who feels bad about this. Please realize there is no bad intent here. I’m trying my best to connect artists with studios and keep on doing so with your feedback taken into account – always.

  37. Xavi Reus on Reply

    I totally agree with the previous comment. This just shows how unreliable they are as a company… They said that they had already picked the five finalists but even after more than three weeks, they haven’t been able to name the winner… A lot of incompetence…

  38. Patrick Ng on Reply

    Be patient guys, Ronen is already giving a huge commitment coming up with these challenges and job boards.

    Tomorrow doesn’t owe us anything in terms of rushing out results, they have their daily operations and problems to iron out isn’t it?

    Chill out!

  39. kavehkaviani on Reply

    thanks ronen for your great community that you have created for us.

    they have announced top 3 works on their instagram page.
    i just want to ask you about weblog for our work as you promised. after one month of working,after huge time and energy that every single person of us had for this challenge.

    for our trust to you and tomorrow company…

    this is our right to see the result of our work and compare with top 3 seems they had conversation with some people for something like salary and the these things not exactly about the process of design, modeling and rendering of this Don said.

    another issue is that,they didnt want our cv before sending final image. which means they didnt want exactly the best result and best artist, they wanted to check and negotiate for best condition for their company.(two months before on of their senior colleges had check my own linkedin profile)

    i understand this is their right to choose everyone they want,as i see with two of these top 3..maybe this is their knowledge and taste of cg softwares and art of rendering !!!

    and also i have seen some of final renders of other people on behance and facebook and instagram, and THEY ARE TOTAL BETTER AND BETTER that two of these top 3. and also about my work. if you can check my own process for this challenge you will understand me for sure.i did so many things because of my experience i knew this will be importan. but in the top3 for example you will see very cheap green lighting behind the door,which is really old way of lighting when we wroked with vray 1.5 and wanted to have exciting lighting in 8 7 years ago.

    so please give us weblog to compare.
    for sure this is not the latest challenge on your website and we have right to have trust or dont have about next companies and challenges.
    most of us had experience of participating with evermotion and cgarchitect challenges. and your website as big as those website,but we didnt see these kind of compliments from users for a challenge before.

    many thanks.

    1. Ronen Bekerman on Reply

      Hi kavehkaviani, thank you very much for this thoughtful comment.

      If I understand you correctly, by weblog, you like to see all the final entries side by side, right?

      If so – you can already see that, as during the challenge here –

      But I will also put this page into the CARDS format like the SHOWCASE section for easy browsing.

      As for the final picks, you are correct, and this is always the case in such a challenge – The studio’s own style and preferences play a big role! Unlike the yearly ArchViz challenge, like CABINS where we try to judge it overall according to the accepted standards of our field – this unique challenge is geared towards Tomorrow.

      As for any shortcomings during this time around. There are, and there will always be when trying new things and formats. I’m not afraid of it and will do all I can to better things for the next rounds and challenges.

      In that regard, your comments are fuel to my engine – so bring it on! Mistakes are where we learn and evolve.

  40. Ronen Bekerman on Reply

    For the top three – I will mention it here but will make a proper post following this one.

    We want to start by saying thank you to everyone who has contributed to the TMRW Challenge 2018.

    This year we have once again reached a new record in contributions. It has been overwhelming to see so many talented people have interest our challenge.

    Our jury has reviewed all the contributions and have tried to be as accurate as possible in our judgment. This has been taken some time and we thank you for your patience.

    In the end, some of you stand out a bit extra and have therefore reached a final position.

    The top 3 finalists are :

    Max Rymsha

    By a morning haze, you can feel how the day has just begun and the building is soon done. Max successfully did as his brief said: story first, atmosphere second & materials third.

    Eduardo Queiroz de Oliveira

    Realism. this is the most realistic image in the competition, nice details on the facade and surrounding. Successfully captured the same feeling as his reference from Iwan Baan.

    Gustavo Correa Hernandez

    Interesting point of view, with his foggy blue night image. We like the reference that he chooses with his interaction with cinematography.

    If you did not move on to the final, we would like to thank you again for your participation. Next time maybe it’s your turn so do not give up, but keep on challenging yourself.

  41. Zair Ashriel on Reply

    hey ronen i was wondering if our work in process and our posts in the forum were taken into account ? above it is stated that we were ‘expected to post updates’ and some of us did….we shared our images with the rest our ideas our moods and our concepts but it all seemed to be in vain we took time to make those posts but was this work in process revised ? did Tomorrow even see them ? one of the top three guys the under construction one never posted anything which is a great advantage for him and his final image . I d like to know about this ?

  42. Don Tbelame on Reply

    I don’t remember I have seen any image with a tower crane, scaffold (Max’s image) among neither final image entries nor concept/WIP entries!

    I was sure about it but I needed to check again and yes.. No such final entry or even concept or WIP related to it. Anyone wondering about it can check it. It takes time but you can see that there is no entry like that

    What is this? Isn’t this against competition rules? This situation bears a serious lack of reliability here now..

  43. Paulo on Reply

    This is a total failure! I feel horribly embarrassed by the whole situation, time of waiting for the results and in particular the way of announcing results. We cannot even see the final pictures well.

    From what my point of view, TMRW announced the results in Friday on his Instagram, and Ronen seems to be surprised by this and announces results on his blog three days later after TMRW (and after someone pointed it in one of the comments). Is that mean I should follow the TMRW Instagram so that I can find out what the results of the competition are? Who announced the start of the competition? Ronen on his blog or TMRW on Instagram?

    Ronen graciously introduced the names of three finalists, but where are their work? Where can we see the three final pictures? On the “huge format” on TMRW’s Instagram? Where is the respect for this hard work? The result of our work are pictures, not a name.

    From what I managed to see in the picture from the Instagram, the three final works are completely different from each other.
    My question is, what is the substantiation for choosing these pictures? I am not going to investigate whether these pictures are really the best, but I care about clear rules of choice and understanding of this selection process.

    A few weeks ago, Ronen announced that 5 finalists had already been chosen, and today we learn that there are only 3 finalists. We can see now how incredibly unprofessional the cooperation between Ronen and TMRW was. Plus, in any other contests you have a deadline and you also know when you will get the results. Not answering emails was a sign of disrespect, too.
    All these situations show the scale of unprofessionalism, ignorance and disrespect for participants.

    That was my first competition organized by Ronen and what I’ve learned from it is to not waste time on “competitions by Ronen” anymore.

    I encourage everyone to believe in themselves, work hard and follow their dreams.

    1. Mugabi on Reply

      Hello Paulo,

      I understand the frustration of the process, but don’t you think it’s a little harsh to say all you’ve learned is to not waste time on Competitions by Ronen?

      Yes we were all anxious to get the results and i don’t think Ronen( was the go between not responsible for the results) neither the Team at Tomorrow are to blame. We were many entries this time and them taking this long was out of the respect they had for all our works. Maybe where i see a fault is in lack of regular updates or communication.

      I think after identifying the top 5, they still had to review to come up with the One. However on review they realized that they could stick with the top 3 of their preference.

      Ronen provides a good blog/forum to help us the artist around the world get knowledge and placings with some of the biggest Visualization firms out there and it’s quite unfortunate that you feel that way.

      Lets take it down a notch.

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