Tomorrow 2018 Challenge – Winner Announced!

The Tomorrow 2018 Challenge once again reached a record of participation with hundreds of images. By this time you have already reviewed the final contributions. Tomorrow comes to a conclusion today with the announcement of the Winner and Runner Ups.

Thank you, we were extremely impressed to see all the hard work, the talent, and dedication that you put into this challenge.

This competition was a bit tougher than last years with a lot of interesting results. The Tomorrow Jury has carefully evaluated all participants entries.

Max Rymsha

Challenge Winner

We are proud to announce Max Rymsha as the winner of Tomorrow Challenge 2018.

By a morning haze, you can feel how the day has just begun and the building is soon done.

With a good concept and process, Max successfully captured a high artistic level of art. He shows the talent for creativity, eye for details and storytelling.

Eduardo Queiroz de Oliveira

Challenge Runner-up

Eduardo also got our attention by creating the most realistic image in this competition. Good eye for details and the image captured the same feeling as in his concept.

Gustavo Correa Hernandez

Challenge Runner-up

Gustavo really captured one of the best corten materials and he also had one of the most interesting work process and references with a cinematography look.

Big thanks to all who took part in this challenge!

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  1. tavo5391 on Reply

    Congrats to the winner!!! Thank you Ronen for allowing this challenge to happen and thank you Tomorrow for appreciating my work. It was a pleasure to be in the top three.

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