SOA Master Class #24 – The Strength of a Group

SOA Master Class #24 finished last week and here are the great final works by the 12 students of this class.

Master Class #24 hosted 12 artists, recreating an already build house in their own way and mood.

This time they worked on House Husarö by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter.

Peo Says :

We started by planning every single image that were then developed in the four-week course to get the results we had in mind. In this process, our guys put all their will and talent to make something fantastic, which not we would like to share with you. It’s nice remembering their faces when they first arrived at the Academy; faces that showed their thrill to discover new things and the many questions they had. We walked along with them for a full month trying to bring out their best but only thanks to their great willingness to learn, we could achieve big results. Starting from this Masterclass, the guys had also the chance to work with Quixel tools like Megascans Studio, Megascans Bridge and the assets that can be downloaded from their online library.

Another thing I noticed with pleasure is the creation of an amazing group of friends. It isn’t always so predictable to have a class with such a good relationship as people have different backgrounds and cultures. But when the guys become a group, it’s really nice to enter the classroom and spend some time with them; to meet for lunch and get their feedbacks on how was their weekend, because you know that they were together, maybe to the beach or visiting Venice. Everything gets easier and you can be sure that they will help each others because they have the same goal, that is to become 3D Artists ready to face the challenges in the Industry.

The Masterclass is an experience that every time leave something important and make us grow giving us good memories. We hope to have left the same to our guys because they deserve it. SoA Academy will always be your home and we hope to see you all very soon.

Have a nice trip back home!
A big hug


The Students Work

See what the students learn during the 4 weeks of the Architectural Visualization Master Class…

What is even better, is the things you do when you are not learning… San Dona, Venice, Italy!

All the visuals were made using 3dsmax, V-Ray, Forest Pack Pro, RailClone and Photoshop.


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