SOA Master Class #22 – Loving ARCH-VIZ

SOA Master Class #22 finished last week and here are the great final works by the 12 students of this class.




Master Class #22 hosted 12 artists, recreating an already build house in their own way and mood.

This time they worked on LAB32’s project called G-House.

Peo Says :

We have mainly focused on the architecture and the atmosphere of the building. Although the building was complicated, our students caught the core of every single detail in this interesting house. We had a nice month with these guys and we’re really satisfied about their outcomes, which we are sharing with you now. Work and passion let us achieve these results and we’re sure that our guys will be able to further improve their skills and create images that will be important for the whole industry.

Enjoy the trip guys!

I wish you the best in your future.

A big hug.


The Students Work

See what the students learn during the 4 weeks of the Architectural Visualization Master Class…

What is even better, is the things you do when you are not learning… San Dona, Venice, Italy!

All the visuals were made using 3dsmax, V-Ray, Forest Pack Pro, RailClone and Photoshop.


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