SOA Master Class #20 – The Italian Job

SOA Master Class #20 just finished and here I feature the great work of the students, all Italian this time around… must have been fun!

Master Class #20 hosted 12 artists, recreating an already build house in their own way and mood.

Peo Says :

We have just finished a tough month passed with the Masterclass#20 and now we are here ready to sum it up.

Although the students had different backgrounds, we tried to work with them to give them the best knowledge to achieve the results, which we can now proudly show you.

We care about their future and if SOA was the starting point for their walk in this Industry, I’m sure that with study and nights in front of the computer, they will be able to fulfill their dream to make the ArchViz their job.

It was a special class, partly because it’s the only one this year for Italian students and partly because we have found in them a strong cultural identity that pushes them to make Italy a better place.

For these reasons, everybody at SOA Academy wishes you good luck for your carrier and for the long way you have in front of you.

And of course, whenever you’ll be here around, come and pop in. We’ll be happy to welcome you again!

A big hug.


The Students Work

See what the students learn during the 4 weeks of the Architectural Visualization Master Class…

What is even better, is the things you do when you are not learning… San Dona, Venice, Italy!

All the visuals were made using 3dsmax, V-Ray, Forest Pack Pro, RailClone and Photoshop.


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