The AcademyDay#7 Story : RESHAPING an EVENT

The AcademyDay started as a two-day event in which people could do exercises during the lectures putting into practice what the speakers were showing on the stage. From the practical approach, the event turned into something different during its third edition. In it, we decided to call some important companies in the ArchVIZ world to hold some lectures in which they could present works and insights from within their pipeline. Last year’s AcademyDay followed this workflow as well.


With AcademyDay#7 we want to reshape the event once again. This year’s edition will not focus on the presentation of artists and companies showcasing their work, but rather on methodologies and tools exemplified by their works aiming at showing us how we can implement and use these tools in production. We would like that professionals and Companies could gain something by learning new things.


Here at SoA Academy, we offer training to people and the AcademyDay should reflect what the Academy is.

After making some research of our own on the novelties and the new tools and technologies in the market, for the AcademyDay we decided to combine aspects not only related to the ArchVIZ world but also coming from other related industries like VFX and Gaming.

We noticed that the new tools and software currently available on the market are improving our work and therefore they represent new areas for development.

We think that the excitement that people is now feeling for these new technologies is the same we felt when the global illumination for commercial software entered the marketplace. It will be a revolution for 3D and ArchViz.

Maybe the attendees will be surprised to see on our schedule people who have very little to do with ArchViz but this is exactly what we wanted. Our Industry needs to learn from other industries, as this is the only path we can follow to grow.

Reshaping ArchVIZ

The main theme of the AcademyDay#7 is “Reshaping ArchVIZ”. We are living in a time in which we have many technological novelties that are changing the way in which we carry out our work. Ten years ago images were made with a completely different approach, now it is time to comply with these new benchmarks and adapt to them.

In AcademyDay#7 we’ll see topics like PBR (a new approach in shading production), ArchViz in the movies, VR, Photogrammetry, Architectural Photography and as always – the many different styles to make visualizations.

AcademyDay#6 had a small introduction to the VR world, now it’s time to put our hands on it and understand how we can work to create our own Virtual Reality. The future is here!

Thanks to this new technology, we aren’t standing in front of a still screen watching an image anymore but we can move and interact with the scene creating our own animations.


We’ll also have people who will present different styles and approaches to the ArchVIZ. Some more related to the movie field and Epic’s Unreal Engine, some with a point of view close to arts and some with an approach closer to painting.


The lecture on photogrammetry will focus on the creation of custom vegetation thanks to software that now let us work with realistic assets. Every company (either big or small) needs to know these technologies to have a fluent workflow.


Finally, the architectural photography will show us what stands behind a good shot and the reasons that make a photographer take a decision rather than another one. This will give us the chance to create a strong relation between the real and the virtual world.

Last but not least, the software houses that will be present at the event will announce on stage some news on their products and make some exclusive announcements on future developments of their software.

Our way of working is changing. If you want to be part of the change, join us at the AcademyDay#7 on October 7th -8th, 2016.

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