M.A.D.I – Venice, Italy

I became aware of M.A.D.I during my visits to Venice, Italy in the past years. Even more so during the last SOA Academy Day, talking to people that learned there or accepted interns from the program in their studio. As part of the Job Board growth and broadening of the scope intended for it, I’ll cover training related topics, events and programs as they are at the heart of any 3d artist path as he grows and evolves in his/hers professional life.

I start with M.A.D.I due to the simple fact enrollment to their program is soon to be closed and this is the time to showcase what they offer and for you to have time to respond too.

Master Architettura Digitale Iuav

The Master course has the purpose of providing graduate students of architecture and professionals an enhanced knowledge regarding the use of IT instruments. The formation of architects must increasingly include the knowledge and experience of computer aided design programs. The spectrum of digital instruments is ample, reaching beyond the single disciplines (illustration, representation, project-design) and influences the profession in its entirety.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that Lessons are held 65% in Italian and 35% in English (approx). with Some modules held entirely in English.

The program spans 1500 hours with 60% focus on visualisation and 40% on making thing (Scale Model Making, 3D Scanning and 3d Printing) with an array of applications being covered such as 3dsmax, Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, V-Ray, Corona Renderer, Maxwell Render and Felix. The entire visualisation process workflow is being addressed from 3d modeling all the way to post production with visiting teachers from around the world, among them :

  • Paul Nicholls
  • Jonathan Gales
  • Ryan Lintott
  • Ondrej Karlík
  • David Rossmann
  • Keely Colcleugh
  • Gael Nys
  • Arturo Tedeschi
  • Luis Fraguada


Poly Modeling

Poly Modeling with 3ds Max


Teachers :

Fabio D’Agnano and Alessandro Deana

Video animations

Video Animation and Compositing.



Teachers :

  • Factory Fifteen (Jonathan Gales, Paul Nicholls, Matt Townsend)
  • Squint Opera (Ryan Lintott)


Parametric Modeling

Parametric Modeling – Grasshopper



Teacher :

  • Leonidas Paterakis and Arturo Tedeschi




Teachers :

Francesco Guerra, Fabio D’Agnano, Luis Fraguada

3D Scan & Print

Dimensional scan and print 3D printers with hot wire directly into the classroom




Teachers :

Caterina Balletti and Paolo Vernier

Schedule – M.A.D.I 5th Edition

Courses are held during the months of January through July. Classes are held from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM, on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • Submissions deadline : 27th Nov 2015
  • Results : 8th Dec 2015
  • Enrollement deadline : 18th Dec 2015
  • Program start : Jan 2016

Single modules enrollment is also possible for those of you who don’t need the Full Master program and would rather focus on specific topics.


Make sure you check all the information on the M.A.D.I website as well and if all this sounds interesting to you then there is little time left… head on to the M.A.D.I Enrollment Page and continue there.


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