M.A.D.I – “Another Point of View” Winner Announcement

Towards the end of February RebusFarm started their Rendering Competition “Another Point of View” with the Universtità Iuav de Venezia (IUAV). The 50 students of the Master Course were asked to create an image showing another point of view of an existing art-piece and render it with a limit of 25 render points using the RebusFarm service.

I had the pleasure of being part of the jury for this competition, which included – Ondra Karlik, Jonathan Gales, Martin Benes and Juraj Talcik. We were asked to evaluate the entries and choose the winning images.

Check out the video below, interviewing the winners 🙂

There have been two students with equal points in voting so we decided to have two third prizes. Also one special prize goes to a former MADI student who had also entered the contest.

Finally, the winners are announced and introduced here today :

First Prize – Nicole Romano

With her interpretation of “Walker Evans – Interior View of Heliker” / Wins 500 Renderpoints


Second Prize – Gabriele Simonetta

With his interpretation of “Walker Evans – Interior View of Heliker” / Wins 250 Renderpoints


Third Place (duo) – Danilo Santoro & Alessia Basili

  • Danilo and his interpretation of “Ezra Stoller – Salk Institute of Biological”
  • Alessia and her interpretation of “Walker Evans – Nova Scotia”

Both of them win 100 Renderpoints



Special Prize – Carlo Catto

With his interpretation of “Mimmo Jodice – Eur 5 Roma” / Wins 250 Renderpoints


These are the photos that served as the base and inspiration for the winning entries :


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