M.A.D.I – “Another Point of View” Rendering Competition

Towards the end of February 2016 the RebusFarm Team visited Venice to meet up with Fabio D´Agnano, Director of the Master Course at the Universtità Iuav de Venezia (IUAV). With the support of his passionate staff, RebusFarm started the Rendering Competition “Another Point of View”.

Fifty young students with varying levels of experience in 3D are currently attending the Master Course in Digital Architecture (MADI). For the contest, they were asked to pick a photo taken by a master in architectural photography and change the point of view using 3D software.

The RebusFarm team also came to Venice to instruct the MADI students in the general use of their render farm as most of them had never used one before.

RebusFarm CTO Gerphil Niebur gave a detailed workshop on this topic.

Gerph explained the registration process, the use and advantages of a render farm and how jobs are handled using the power of our 3,000 CPU’s.

The participants were able to ask questions and even render their first job on the farm, having the support and know-how of the RebusFarm Team placed at their disposal.

Students Talk

Some students took the time to talk about their experiences during their studies, the RebusFarm workshop and their ideas for the contest.

The Competition

The specifications were easy :

Choose an image of a master in architectural photography, change the point of view (color, time, camera angle etc.) and use a maximum of 25 Renderpoints to test your scene and render your image on the Rebus Render Farm.

References included photos by Ezra Staller, Walker Evans, August Sanders, Iwan Baan, Josef Sudek, Luigi Ghirri, Mimmo Jodice and William Egglestone to name a few.

The students had one month to finish their work and with the contest nearing the end, we will announce the finalists shortly. The three finalists will receive up to 500 Renderpoints worth 500 Euro, and be featured HERE in a later post!

Members of the Jury panel attending the Venice event included Ondra Karlik, founder of Corona Renderer, Juray Talcik, creative director of Democivoca Studio and Gael Nys from RSI Studios who came to Venice to share their experiences with 3D visualization during their lectures.

Juray Talcik took the time to talk about his work and visions in a little interview which you can watch here :

I’m looking forward to review and to finally announce the winning images and will keep you updated on the “Another Point of View” competition.

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