We are looking for a senior 3D artist for our offices (Prague / Stockholm) – highly skilled especially in the area of rendering, matte painting and post production.

What we offer:

  • Freedom in projects. We make sure that every artist has the opportunity to express himself/herself and take a project from the beginning to finish. We know that artists hate to work in streamlined mass-production (“factory” model) and we avoid this approach.
  • Three days per month for your learning and development. We dedicate three days per month to every artists on our team – during those days they are not working on client projects, but have this time available to spark up their creativity and learn new skills. We are very committed to investing in our people’s development.
  • Complex projects and VR. You will have the opportunity to work on exciting complex arch viz projects and with new technologies such as VR, which is a big part of our everyday work.
  • International aspect. As we are based in Prague and Stockholm, you will have the chance to travel between our offices and work with the team there from time to time, as well as to attend various design exhibitions and conferences around Europe. This is of course a motivational reward, we will want you to work hard and excel.
  • Stability of an established Swedish company. We have been around for 7 years and since then we have developed a good portfolio of clients. There is a lot of exciting projects to wrap your mind around!

What you will do:

  • Lighting and post production. Making that final step to make the view/environment come together in order to make our clients go “wow!”.
  • Texturing and shading. Creating realistic materials that enhance the architecture.
  • Image composition. Finding the best angles and masterminding the devilish details in the scene – because that is exactly what our clients love about our work.
  • Modeling. Be it open space offices, stylish lobbies, cozy apartments or complex exterior architectural renders, we strive to build as much of our scenes in 3D as possible.

What we require:

  • 5+ years of work experience with architectural visualizations
  • Well acquainted with 3D Studio Max
  • Highly skilled especially in the area of rendering, matte painting and post production
  • Must speak English on a conversational/advanced level
  • Team player attitude
  • Experience in working with architectural models (Sketchup or Revit or Archicad)
  • Knowledge of Corona render (or V-ray)
  • Eligibility to work in the EU preferred

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About Walk the Room

Walk the Room is a partner in commercial property and public space communication. Merging art with business, technology and architecture, we shape environments for the next generation. Founded in 2010, the company is co-owned by Swedish and Czech management team, with offices in Stockholm and Prague. As of today, we are an enthusiastic group of 14 professionals – 3D artists, architects, interior designers and project managers. Our clients include renowned Scandinavian companies like Skanska, AMF, Fabege or SSARK.

Our vision is to shape environments for the next generation. We operate at the core of the property industry, where vision of a space comes to life and is developed into a final product for people to enjoy. We care about people and in the importance of spaces around them. Our intention is not only to produce appealing visuals, but to shape the environments where people spend their lives so they can thrive. We strive to make the process of bringing a property to life smooth for everybody involved.

Gallery of our work: https://www.walktheroom.com/gallery