Given Mode Maison has a highly discerning luxury clientele and is at the forefront of cutting edge design, we have very high expectations for the level of quality in our imagery, as it directly reflects the quality of our products and artisans creating the products.

All of the luxury furniture products that we offer will need to be 3d rendered, allowing for our clientele to view these products into a selection of settings / “vignettes” in order to help them visualize Mode Maison’s offerings within different moods.

We offer 40-50 fabrics (“Mode Maison Collection”) that our customers can select from, and should be able to scroll through and see on each product.

This job has the potential to become much larger, eventually leading to managing a team of 3d designers and graphic artists. Mode Maison has been lauded as the next huge revolution within the design world, and therefore we seek someone with great aspirations and who strives for the best.

Tagged as: 3ds Studio Max, After Effects, architecture, Photoshop, V-Ray

About Mode Maison

Mode Maison is far greater than a collection of fine furniture. It is a lifestyle that is all at once refined and rough-hewn, cultured and cutting-edge, authentic and mysterious. It is an unrelenting quest for raw beauty in its purest form. It is finally lifting the veil, uncovering the design industry's most exclusive and elusive furniture labels and delivering them to your doorstep. It is gathering insight, curating ideas and capturing imaginations. It is searching the world over and serving up a true and trusted source for luxury furnishings. Mode Maison. Inspired design comes home.